Yala or Patan as it is known today is located on the southern banks of the Bagmati River and is one of the three main cities in Kathmandu Valley. The city is believed to be the first settlement in the Valley and was established by the Kirat dynasty who ruled for more than 1200 years from the 3rd century BC. Patan is famous for its amazing collection of fantastically carved temples, palace courtyards, water spouts, public baths and houses with their equally elaborate wood, stone and metal carvings under the patronages of the Kirat, Lichivi and Malla kings. Patan has more than a 1000 temples and monuments dedicated to the uniquely Nepali mix of Buddhist and Hindu gods, chief among which are the mounds erected by the great Indian Emperor Ashoka in the four corners of the city when he visited here in 250 BC, the Hiranya Mahavihar established in the 12th century, the 21 spire Krishna Mandir and other temples in the Patan Darbar Square, the 14th century Kumbeswore temple, the 16th century Mahabouddha whose bricks all bear the face of the Buddha and many other lesser temples with no less examples of the master craftsmanship of its artisans. Patan Durbar square is one of the seven Monument Zones that make up the Kathmandu Valley UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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