Jet Skiing/Scootering

The adventure of a jet scooter ride can now be experienced in Nepal. A recent addition to the multiplicity of adventure sports in the kingdom, jet scootering offers a novel way of discovering Nepal's powerful rivers. The traveller and adventure sportsperson can now add that bit of adventure to complement the Manakamana darshan and wildlife trips to Chitwan National Park.

The jet scooter is gaining popularity worldwide in water sports. It is also widely used in river rescue operations as well. The safety features of these machines too have been well proven. Despite the safety and reliability of the jet scooter, there are certain mandatory safety conditions that apply - such as the use of safety helmets, life jackets, provision of a two-way communication system with the operator of the jet scooter and accident insurance for all enthusiasts trying the sport.

Jet scootering is now offered along a 6 km stretch on the splendid Trisuli river. The ride starts at a riverside resort in Thimura, situated 8 km from Narayanghat and 28 kms from Mugling. It offers an excellent opportunity to experience the natural beauty and sheer thrill of navigating one of Nepal's finest rivers.

Costs, Access and Accommodation
There is currently only one agency in Nepal offering the sport. They have two petrol driven Yamaha scooters that can do speeds of 60-70 kmph. The agency's driver operates the scooter while it carries two passengers on the ride. A ride along the six-km stretch lasts approximately 12 minutes and costs Rs 176 per person for those walk-in tourists. For others, there are two package deals. A one night package deal, including the jet scooter ride, dinner, breakfast and a peep into the lifestyles of the chepangs, gurungs and magars (including a chudka dance), costs Rs 800 for Nepalese, Rs 1000 for tourists from SAARC nations and Rs 1200 for local diplomats (INGO staff etc).

There is also a 2 night package, including beside the above mentioned a visit to Devghat, a holy Hindu place at the confluence of the Trisuli and Kali Gandaki rivers. Interestingly, Devghat is also a destination for old people wanting to spend the last days of their life. They come here and find solace in being amongst others there for the same purpose - the elderly who are forsaken by children, who have no children to care for them and the disillusioned.

The site also offers jungle walks and bird watching. This package includes 2 dinners, lunch, breakfast and two nights stay at the river resort. For Nepalese it comes at Rs. 1500, for SAARC tourists at Rs.1800 and for local diplomats at Rs.2000. An additional attraction is a place called Sita Gufa, a cave believed to be the place where the earth opened up to receive her.

Getting there
The resort offers a pick-up service, by jeep/car, from the bus stop at Ramnagar, situated off the highway from Mugling to Narayanghat. The riverside resort at Timura is two kilometers from Ramnagar. Travellers from Kathmandu can take any of several buses going to Narayanghat/Chitwan and get off where the road branches off to Ramnagar. Those coming in from Chitwan can take any bus headed for Kathmandu or Pokhara and alight at the same place on the highway and head for Timura. The riverside resort (Lovely River resort) is the only accommodation in the area. To find out how lovely it is, check it out.

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