Emergency Coordinates

Emergency Contingency Planning Team 

Unlike any other TMC in Nepal, Yeti Travels has an emergency Contingency Planning Team (CPT) comprising of the CEO, GM and all Travel Managers, who in cases of emergency situations like hijackings, coups, bombings, natural disasters such as earthquakes and fire and other situations brought over by security related incidents, render all required assistance, within its circle of influence. The CPT has a standing order for operating 24/7 whenever there is an emergency. The CEO with the other CPT members assesses the criticality of the situation and decides on a Contingency Plan in consultancy with the client and other stakeholders of the travel industry. Once the Contingency Plan is devised and executed, all CPT team members’ start communicating with the clients directly.

Emergency Support & Staff/Medical Evacuation

In case of emergency situations like hijackings, coups, bombings, natural disasters such as earthquakes and fire and other situations brought over by security related incidents, Yeti Travels shall render all required assistance, within its circle of influence, including but not limited to Passenger Name Record (PNR) searches and traveller’s notifications.

We, in the past, have been rendering such assistance to the US Government and other personnel on a regular basis at very short notices. We have successfully evacuated all US Embassy and USAID non-essential staff during April 2006 uprising in Nepal.

We also have extensive experience in handling accidental insurance cases on behalf of various international insurance companies.

Similarly various medical evacuation cases have been satisfactorily handled by us for our American Embassy counter on a regular basis, especially to places like Singapore. As a standard operating procedure as soon as an emergency booking requisition is received, within few minutes seat availability is checked and a status response is provided to the client. A Y class fare is almost always available and in cases where availability is low and cost is not a bar, on confirmation with the client, booking is done at higher fares which have been agreed to by the client/organization. 

All senior management/officials and key ticketing staff are dedicated and committed to provide Travel Management Services to our valued clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. We fully understand the importance of our responsibilities during such emergency times and on the basis of past experience are confident of our capabilities in handling emergency situations including staff evacuations and medical evacuations.

The staff at the Head Office TMS centre shall be available during office hours (9 am to 5 pm). However, for any inquiries, booking requisitions requirements beyond the office hours the Travel Manager, Mr. Uttam Karki can be contacted at any time. Moreover, the senior management personnel as listed above shall also be available round the clock for all emergency calls/ services.

Furthermore, in cases of emergency if we are not able to operate out of our Travel Center at Durbar Marg, our UN Travel Services Desks can handle operations. All Travel Managers and the General Manager are equipped with mobile phones and Laptop Computers loaded with GDS Software allowing them to provide all customers with Emergency Travel Services/Assistance round the clock. Furthermore emergency ticket delivery to major hotels and/or residences can be arranged at no extra cost within the Kathmandu Valley.

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