Pony Treks

Pony treks provide a fascinating way to experience the mountains of Nepal. For those who can't take the strain of daily hiking and those who want respite on long treks, there are ponies to ease that burden. Sit astride a pony and feel like what it was to traverse some of the oldest trade routes, where men carrying material to be bartered, opened up paths through the mountains and brought in the influences, went out and influenced others.

Pony treks are becoming increasingly popular. The landscape ranging from the plains of the valley to the gently undulating hills around and the mountains beyond can take you through some of the most diverse terrain that you can see in a few days on horseback.

Ponies can be hired by the hour or for longer at one of several agencies in Pokhara. Some agencies and hotels keep a stable of ponies while others can requisition one at short notice. Trekking agents can alternatively plan either a full-length pony trek or short treks, depending on where you want to go and how long you want to be on the saddle.

Even a sight seeing trip around Pokhara can become so much more memorable on a pony ride. There are some hotels that have ponies and there are others that can arrange for one. Outlets near lakeside also rent out ponies and provide guides.

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